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Private Towing FAQs


Mark's Towing, Inc. has encountered many questions about our services in Eagan, Minnesota. Here are some popular private towing FAQs.


Q - Who is responsible for paying to get the vehicle out of the impound lot?

A - The owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying the cost of the tow, daily storage, and any additional fees that may be accessed.


Q - What are the advantages of having an account with Mark's Towing, Inc.?

A - Mark's Towing, Inc. will take care of all your towing needs. We contact the owner of the vehicle via certified mail to ensure they know where their car has been towed to. If you have an account with Mark's Towing, Inc. we even place free signs at your premise. Signage lets the individuals know that their vehicles can be towed and information regarding who to contact should their vehicle be towed.


Q - How much does it cost me to setup an account with Mark's Towing, Inc.?

A - It is free to setup an account with Mark's Towing, Inc., the signage is even free for your property.


Q - Where is the impound lot located and are they secure?

A - The impound lot is located at 3670 Kennebec Drive, Eagan, MN 55122. The impound lot is secure including security cameras, a locked gate, and a guard dog.


Q - How long has Mark's Towing, Inc. been in business?

A - Mark's Towing, Inc. has been in business since 1983.


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